Majestic Wonders Photography     

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Behind the Lens

About Kerri

Kerri was intrigued and fascinated by photography from a very young age. She started amateur work in the 90's with her school yearbook and 2000's with the newspaper until she graduated from college in 2004. Following graduation she began working as a studio photographer for a large corporate business. Kerri learned a lot of important and relevant things from her time working at the studio; however experience with the clients in this setting was very cold and mainstream. Kerri recognized the weakness with the corporate studio environment and set out to change from this garden-variety business and create something more unique and individualized. In 2012 Majestic Wonders Photography, LLC was born. She loves doing photography because she enjoys making people smile and nothing can compare to capturing the perfect expression on film. Kerri prioritizes her life by God, family, and photography. When Kerri isn’t behind the lens she finds herself busy with her devoted family. This love is what sparks the ability to capture natural and everlasting emotion on camera with her clients.  Kerri adores the idea of giving back to the community. Every year Kerri donates her services to many different charities including Multiple Sclerosis Society, Relay for Life, individuals with disabilities,  school funder raisers, and people facing hardships in central Pennsylvania. This year Kerri has added some additional charities that the business will donate and assist in raising money (side note: If you have a local charity and would like Majestic Wonders Photography to help you promote fundraising please contact us and we will help in any way we can as long as our schedule permits).  

              Photo of family credited to Mallory McClure

About Katie

Photography has been a love of Katie’s since the day her grandmother put her 35mm Minolta X-700 in her hands as a young teenager. She was so devoted to learn the ins and outs of photography at the age of thirteen and the continued aspiration has brought her to Majestic Wonders Photography, eight years later. In between the hours of preparation for shoots and the days spent cropping, brightening and retouching photographs Katie finds herself relaxing at home curled up with two big and burly, yet soft and sweet Saint Bernards, Bella and Beauregard. When she is not photographing families and events Katie is out snapping pictures of Bella and Beauregard's personalities. From romping around in the mud and muck to sitting pretty with their puppy dog eyes. It's most enjoyable for her when families want to include their pets in their family pictures. For Katie, capturing the heartfelt emotion in family and event photography is what drives her passion because to her there is no greater reward than giving our clients timeless memories.

Pet Photography in York

We were recently published in issue 33 of Bokeh Magazine. We posted the cover of the issue along with the first two pages of the article here. The article covered the business from start to finish and totals ten pages. It was a great experience working with the magazine and it was fantastic being published. If you would like to read the whole article it can be purchased at