Majestic Wonders Photography     

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Behind the Lens

Hi, I'm Kerri. 

I was intrigued and fascinated by photography from a very young age. It all started with my amateur work in the 90's. At that time, the school yearbook was my passion project. Leading into the 2000's, I worked with the local newspaper up until I graduated college in 2004. Following graduation I worked as a studio photographer for a large corporate business. In my time, I found it to be cold and disingenuous. There was a weakness in their structure. So, I took what I learned and set out to create a better experience for people looking to capture life's greatest treasure, timeless memories. In 2012, Majestic Wonders Photography LLC was born. 

I love being the one behind the lens. Joking around, getting laughs and making people smile is my greatest joy. I'm driven by God, family and photography. When I'm not working with clients, I'm enjoy precious time with my devoted family. This love is what sparks my passion and ability to capture organic and everlasting emotion on camera for you to have and cherish with your families and loved ones. 

Giving back to the community is an inherit action of mine. Every year I donate my services to various charities, local and beyond. There is nothing stronger than the love that lies within humanity. I'm always open to researching and offering my services to charities in need. If you have a local charity in need of promotion or services, please contact us at

Hi, I'm Katie. 

Kerri and I have known each other since the onset of Majestic Wonders Photography LLC back in 2012.  Not only do we share a passion for art, we share each other's sense of humor. It's apart of what makes our job so fun! I’m famously known as the one that’ll do just about anything for a genuine laugh. I'm shouting out all the kids that laugh at my fart jokes and wild animal noises. If you know, you know! When I’m not assisting Kerri or managing the social media accounts, I’m likely snacking and napping at home with Beauregard and Bella. They’re my two absolutely amazing, dapper and darling Saint Bernards. Being a dog mom is my greatest pride. I make a pretty cool dog aunt too, so don’t forget to have your pups tag along to the shoot. After all, dogs are family too! 


We were published in issue 33 of Bokeh Magazine. The article covered the business from start to finish and totals ten pages. It was a great experience working with the magazine and it was fantastic being published. If you would like to read the complete article it can be purchased at